Nation of Islam Books?

If you’re looking for books about Nation of Islam history–little-known Black history–you’ve reached the right page.  Take a look below for more information.

In My Next Life THE BOOK By Silis MuhammadIN MY NEXT LIFE

Many people look for historical books about the Nation of Islam.  Wouldn’t you like to know what someone who experienced the NOI from the inside had to say about it? Well, now you can.

When you read the book, In My Next Life, you’ll learn through the eyes of Silis Muhammad. Learn as he explains events significant to the Nation of Islam’s development, the Holy Books, and how ancient events are crucial to gaining a understanding of the modern times.

Finally, Silis Muhammad takes you on a deep-dive into the little-known history of Blacks who are Afrodescendants. Learn the true identity of slave descendants from a theological perspective.

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in my next life theme bookIN MY NEXT LIFE THEME BOOK

After you’ve enjoyed reading In My Next Life, it’s ok to engage in a little recreation.

That’s why you should get a copy of In My Next Life Theme Book, a word search puzzle book based on the facts within In My Next Life by Silis Muhammad.

Then, use the puzzles to keep your mind sharp and challenge your brain during every week of the year.




Reparations is a very important side topic related to the message of In My Next Life.

If you want to know the latest news about reparations, the Reparations for Slavery Guide is a great tool. The Reparations for Slavery Guide is a living guide that gives the latest info on reparations. The guide updates to inform you about reparations for slavery each time it’s used.




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