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[Free Downloads] Black Speculative Art Movement 2019: Recaps, Insights, Children’s Content & Actionable Strategies

This may surprise you… Afrofuturism didn’t begin when the term was coined in the 1990s. Because this is so, you–if you are an Afrodescendant artist, writer, scholar, activist, or fan–should get the resource mentioned at the end of this article. But for now, read on to learn Zaqqiyah’s take on the fun and innovative Afrofuturism event, […]


African American History and Culture Book Launches

Silis Muhammad has launched an African American history and culture book, “In My Next Life”, available online and at Lost-Found Nation of Islam mosque locations targeted at fans of African American history and culture. More information is available at the website: https://nextlifetools.com Houston, Texas, US Silis Muhammad, Black/”African American/Afrodescendant Leader, is launching his new book, […]