[Black History Quotes] 6 Black History Quotes About Black Education’s Importance

Can these Black history quotes help you understand how crucial history, self-knowledge, and education is to Black, “African American”, Afrodescendant peoples?

Here is a collection of Black history quotes that can give you insights on the matter.

Some of these Black history quotes touch upon Afrodescendant rights issues. Others talk about education as a personal tool for achieving more Black freedom. Also included is a quote from a document presented to the United Nations by Harriett AbuBaker, Esquire and the Honorable Silis Muhammad, which you might want to learn more about as you grow to understand the importance of Black history and self-knowledge to you as an Afrodescendant.

1 – Harriett AbuBakr, Esquire, Silis Muhammad, et al. (source)

harriett abubakr, esquire and silis muhammad

Attorney AbuBakr and Mr. Muhammad delivered many interventions in the United Nations on behalf of Blacks, so-called African Americans, or Afrodescendants from 1994 to 2008.  In the Black history quote above, they express how Black people in America lost the knowledge of their mother tongue and original culture during the plantation slavery era. Today, this leaves Afrodescendants in the position of reforming their collective identity through education/seeking self-knowledge or ethnogenesis in order to improve their collective quality of life.

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2 –  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – (source)


As a veteran Afrodescendant athlete, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar expresses in the Black history quote above the need for Afrodescendants to make education a way to overcome poverty, which causes are racism, discrimination, and marginalization.

3 –  Marian Wright Edelman,  founder and president of The Children’s Defense Fund (source)


Mrs. Wright-Edelman is a long-time defender of children. Mrs. Wright-Edelman shows her passion for the Afrodescendant community in the Black history quote above by stressing that education is a way to improve Afrodescendant lives and community.

4 –  Ludacris (source)


Afrodescendant Rapper Ludacris, in his quote above on the disconnect between available resources (educational, financial, and more) and Afrodescendant community problems, points out that Afrodescendants must take the lead in solving the issues within the Afrodescendant communities.

5 –  Carmelo Anthony (source)


Mr. Anthony, an Afrodescendant professional basketball player, looks back on his brief experience of seeking a college education and how it impacted him personally in the quote above.

6 – Oprah Winfrey (source)


Ms. Winfrey, an Afrodescendant media proprietor, recounts the first time that she discovered the Education_Black-Quotes_Infographic-thumbnailimportance of educating herself through reading books as a child in rural Mississippi in the quote above.

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– Zaqqiyah Haamidah

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    • Wadiya
    • May 5, 2017

    I am aware of how education can elevate your condition. However, there are many Afro descendants with college educations and we are still on the bottom if the totem pole.
    This fact leads me to believe that education is one of a list of tools we need to arm ourselves with, if we are to be successful. Some land we can call our own, and self governance should be added to the tool box. We are already a nation of people with a common experience; slavery. Recognizing that our future cannot be on the same land where we were stripped of being human, will have to be eventually realized.

      • thandy
      • May 5, 2017

      Thank you for such a VALUABLE comment, Wadiyah. As a people, we must realize the proper steps to take to liberate ourselves from second class citizenship. You give a great high-level summation.

    • Darnell
    • May 7, 2017

    We need a certain kind of knowledge (education). We as an up from slavery people, have plenty of education in America. So why are we still subjects to another people? I would also argue that we have a great knowledge of our self, thanks to the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    We now need Productive Industrial and Economic knowledge, the kind used to build a nation.

      • thandy
      • May 18, 2017

      Darnell – I agree. We do need that “Productive Industrial and Economic knowledge” that you speak of. Additionally, we need a governing structure that gives us a voice, and enables us to apply all the knowledge that we already have to advance our people. Check the companion sites or for updates about the Afrodescendant Nation, which is such a governing structure.

    • Shahidah
    • October 21, 2019

    I do not see the definition for the term Afrodescendant on the site. Will it be added soon?

      • thandy
      • January 12, 2021

      Stay tuned!

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